Portland Virtual Tip Jar
With mandatory bar & restaurant closures in effect with no clear end in sight, thousands of Service Industry workers are out of work. PDX Tip Jar is an opportunity to share a small act of kindness with our Service Industry community during these uncertain times.

The premise is simple: Tip a dollar, $5, $10, $20—or whatever you’d like—directly to a Service Industry worker! Tip someone at random or browse the full list to find your favorite spots.

To see the full list: https://pdxtipjar.com/donate

If you’re a Service Industry worker, fill out the form below to receive tips directly through your Cashapp, Venmo, or PayPal. Note: All information provided will be publicly viewed.

Let's spread the love! This system is based on trust & honesty. Please submit just one form and wait a while before trying to resubmit. It can take a while to update the list. Because, you know, internet. :) Duplicates will be deleted.

Please email me if you need to make edits, are having trouble with a link, or to be removed from the list.

Grateful for your support,
Jacqi Ko of Hey Love
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Additional resources
Restaurant Employee Relief Fund: https://rerf.us/apply-for-aid/

Another Round Another Rally Emergency Relief: https://anotherroundanotherrally.org/

One Fair Wage Emergency Fund: https://ofwemergencyfund.org/

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation COVID19 Crisis Relief Fund: https://www.restaurantworkerscf.org/news/2020/3/15/restaurant-workers-community-foundation-announces-the-formation-of-restaurant-workers-covid19-crisis-relief-fund

USBG National Charity Foundation: https://www.usbgfoundation.org/beap-application

In Oregon:
Food assistance (oregon.gov), [2] (oregonfoodbank.org)
Rent assistance (homeforward.org), [2] (caowash.org)
Utility assistance (impactnw.org), [2] (humansolutions.org)
Medical assistance (oregon.gov)
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