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If the tenrec is for your child(ren), please list their age(s). If the tenrec is for someone else, state your relationship to them. If the tenrec will be a class pet or part of an educational program or zoo, include all details (name of school/program/facility, your position, type of interaction, etc).
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Including handling, daily maintenance (feeding, cleaning), and seeking/paying for vet care when appropriate.
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Do you understand that a tenrec is a commitment for up to 10-15 years (or more)? *
Do you understand that live insects are a required part of a tenrec's diet? *
And that they will need to be provided 3-4 times a week at minimum?
Do you understand that torpor (hibernation) is a normal part of a tenrec's life? *
Do you understand that a tenrec's sex cannot be accurately determined until maturity? *
We do our best to guess, but cannot make any guarantees about the sex of a sub-adult tenrec.
What other pets do you have? *
Include species and how many. If you have another tenrec, include age, sex, and source.
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If so, please include how many and list their ages.
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If you rent, please include your landlord's name and contact info. Include whether you have the landlord or homeowner's permission to have a small, caged pet.
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What kind of cage/enclosure will you be using? *
Include cage type (i.e. bin, wire cage, vivarium), approx dimensions, wire spacing (if applicable), modifications, and any other details.
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What kind of wheel(s) will your tenrec have? *
Include approx. size/diameter and type.
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What kind of climbing items, hideaways, toys, and accessories will you have in the cage/enclosure? *
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What kind of bedding will you be using? *
Liners, wood shavings, Carefresh, etc. (If shavings, include the kind.)
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What kind of heat source/set-up will you be using? *
Include approx. temperature you intend to keep the cage, and how the set-up and temperature will vary between warm months and during torpor (hibernation).
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What kind of dry food (kibble) will you be using? *
Include brand(s) and specific formula(s).
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What kind of insects will you feed your tenrec? *
Include specific kinds (superworms, dubia, hornworms, etc), where you will acquire them (local store, online, bred at home), and how often.
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Do you have a vet in mind? *
If yes, include vet's name, name of practice, address, phone number, and whether you have confirmed that they will treat exotics.
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Shipping or delivery require an additional fee.
Is there a specific tenrec (or litter) that you are interested in? *
If so, please list the ID# or parents' names. If not, please indicate the approximate time frame when you would like to get a tenrec.
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