Food Labelling - INITIAL Survey
Please fill in this form BEFORE understanding more about the issue and consequences! You can fill in the second form linked in the Monthly Wellbeing slides after a few weeks after you have bought some groceries! This form would only take a few minutes, thank you!!
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1. Do you read food labels when purchasing a product? *
2. How often do you see food labelling on products? *
3. How clearly can you understand food labels? *
Not at all
Can understand well
4. Do you care about the "Per Serving" area on food products?
Clear selection
5. What is a factor on Food Labels that you commonly look out for (fat, calories, sugar etc.) *
6. Do you have any opinions about food labelling (Good or bad)
7. Finally, do you think your current actions and opinions on food labelling is healthy and safe for you? *
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