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If you rent, please list your landlord's name and phone number.  Does your landlord allow pets? *
Where will the dog will sleep at night? What areas will they allowed into and prohibited from entering? *
What amenities are included in and around your home? (Note: You will be required to send us photos of your home at the end of this form.) *
What kind of dog are you looking for? What are the ideal traits? (breed, size, energy level, age, level of training) *
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Do you have a regular vet? If yes, please provide the vet's name, the clinic, address and phone number. *
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Tell us about your daily schedule: How often will the dog be home alone? If you work full time, will you hire a dog walker or take the dog to daycare? *
If you're currently working from home because of Covid, how will your schedule and care/training for the dog change after the pandemic? How often will the pup be at home alone, and would you  consider hiring dog walker or daycare? *
Where would the dog go if you were to go on vacation? *
What would happen to the dog if you moved (locally. out of state/or out of country)? *
How do you plan to exercise your dog? How many walks per day, for how long, and will you do anything in addition to walking your dog? What hobbies do you enjoy doing that could include your new pup? *
How do you plan to train your dog? Would you be willing to work with a trainer or attend obedience class? *
If your dog is exhibiting behavioral issues such as nipping, marking etc, what would you do? *
How much are you willing to spend a month on medical/vet/training bills? *
How much are you willing to spend a month on food/grooming needs/supplies/other expenses? *
Do you plan on purchasing pet insurance? *
Is there a behavior, condition or anything else you can think of that would stop you from adopting the dog you selected, or surrender him/her after adoption? If yes, please explain. *
Are you able to make a long term commitment to care for this dog for its entire lifespan, which could be as much as 10-20 years? *
Does anyone in your household have allergies? *
How did you hear about us? *
Is there anything you'd like to let us know — the more you can share with us, the easier it will be for us to determine if this is the right dog for you! Or any questions for us?
One last step! Please send us indoor/outdoor photos of your house, and any additional pictures of where the pup will eat/sleep/play/etc. in the future. Email all photos to with your name and the name of the pet in the subject line. **Your application will not be reviewed until we have received them.** *
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