Horizon Dog Training Intake Questionnaire
Hi! I'm excited to get started with you and your pup!

This is an intake questionnaire to help me learn more about you and your dog's history, to help me prepare for our Behavioral Evaluation session.

It's should only take you about 15 minutes to complete. Thanks for taking the time to fill this out!
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Give me an overview of your dog's history. (where did he/she come from, how did you get him, how old was he, any significant trauma in his background, any significant change?) *
Give me a basic overview of your dog's daily routine. I'd like to get an idea what daily life is like for your dog. *
Describe your dog's feeding routine: who feeds, when, what is his diet, and where does he eat? *
Tell me about your walks and other forms of exercise. Where do you go, and how often? Who takes him? Does your pup behave well when you're out and about? *
Please summarize your dog's major medical history. Does he have any known medical issues? Any known pain issues? Is he on any medications? *
What problem behaviors are you dealing with? Please be specific/thorough. *
WHERE and/or WHEN do these problems usually occur? *
Has your dog ever bitten, or threatened to bite, any person or animal? If so, please describe each instance. (Note: This is for my information only, so that I can best serve you and give you the most accurate prognosis possible. Please be complete and honest.) *
What have you tried in the past to improve your relationship and get better behavior? *
What are your priorities for our work together? *
Where is your relationship with your dog already GREAT? *
When do you feel most connected to your dog? *
What do you really admire, enjoy, or respect about your dog? *
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