Shooting Like a Studio on an Amateur Budget Webinar - xHamster
Free Speech Coalition and xHamster will host a special INSPIRE workshop for performers and other amateur and independent content creators on Thursday, September 24th, at 11AM PT.

The “Shooting Like a Studio on an Amateur Budget” webinar will be hosted by FSC’s Lotus Lain and feature:

Fivestar, award-winning director and founder, Luster Productions
Mark Stones, professional video instructor and content creator for Jolla PR and SoyMarkStones accounts
Siouxsie Q, performer and co-owner

The workshop will feature tips and techniques for dramatically improving home and self-production, including lighting, editing, equipment and software. The workshop, sponsored by xHamster, will also focus on the xHamster Creators Program— a new initiative that allows independent content creators to receive 100% of advertising revenue from their content and direct free traffic to their cam or personal fan site.

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