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Baby Contest Assistant
A baby contest assistant helps direct parents to the appropriate lines.
Car Show Assistant
A car show assistant helps register vehicles, directs cars on where to park, and controls the flow of traffic in the parking lots.
Children's Crafts Volunteer
A children's crafts volunteer helps children choose and create a craft. Volunteers must be at least 12 years old.
A floater checks that fellow volunteers have refreshments and assists them when needed.
Information Booth Assistant
An information booth assistant guides park patrons in finding information about a specific activity.
Litter Patrol
Litter patrol helps pick up litter throughout the park (gloves and supplies are provided).
Parade Banner Carrier
A parade banner carrier helps carry banners along the parade route.
Parade Banner Collector
A parade banner collector helps gather the banners at the end of the parade route.
Parade Banner Repairer
A parade banner repairer helps clean and repair banners.
Parking Lot Attendant
A parking lot attendant helps open gates and/or directs parking for entertainers, food vendors, and sponsors.
Table Runner
A table runner assists in keeping the picnic tables clean (gloves and supplies are provided).
If a friend or family member will be submitting a volunteer application and you would like to help out together, please list their name(s) below.
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