2016 Survey
At the United Way of Caldwell County, we fight for the Health, Education, and Financial Stability of every person in Caldwell County by financially supporting 17 LOCAL Non-Profits. But now, we are planning to do much more. We are transitioning into a Community Impact United Way. This means that we are also going to pick the most critical issue facing Caldwell County citizens and create a measurable impact to improve this issue. We need your help to determine what our priorities should be. We are asking you to rate local issues based on how critical it is to improve each issue for the future of Caldwell County. Please fill in the number that is closest to your opinion. (Note that 5 means it is absolutely critical that improvements be made; while 1 means not critical at all.) The last three questions are fill in the blank. Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey.
The Issue
Not Critical
Not Very Critical
Somewhat Critical
Most Critical
Affordable Housing
Affordable Medical Care/Access to
Infant Mortality
Mental Health
Sexually Transmitted Disease
Alcoholism/Drug Abuse
Adult Education and Literacy
School Drop Outs
Early Childhood Development (0-5 yrs)
Quality Affordable Childcare
Developing Parenting Skills
Credit/Debt Issues
Teen Pregnancy
Domestic Violence
Child Abuse, Neglect
Services For Elderly
Hunger -Food Assistance Required
Youth Dev. Outside of School
Emergency Response and Recovery
Services For Disabled People
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