Intermediate Thai VOLUME 1 with Sarah 5-6 students per class NEXT BATCH: Dates to be Confirmed
Hi everyone, thank you for your interest in learning Thai with me. This course is suitable for those who would like to have more in-depth understanding of Thai grammar and become more fluent or confident with interacting with Thai people.

You'll be LEARNING:
1. The use of pronouns
2. More ending particles
3. The use of ให้
4. Open questions including their structures, including the use of 'when' ตอน, พอ, เวลา
5. Special intensifiers + ใจ words

1. You can write and read basic Thai.
2. You understand super basic Thai such as simple sentence structures, tenses, and some open/yes-no questions.
3. You are familiar with the tone rules and have 70% - 80% of your pronunciation correct. You don't need to already know a lot of words but you need to know some essential vocab to be able to understand and keep up in class.

Materials to be used in this class are based on Benjawan Poomsan's Intermediate Thai and David Smyth's Thai An Essential Grammar.

What you'll be RECEIVING:
- Materials before each session and audio recordings after each session
- My feedback for your HOMEWORK individually
**Please note that you can also get audio recordings for any session you can't attend.

I'm very attentive to each student's progress and can give you in-depth explanations in the language structure, usage, and nuances in Thai. I'm a teacher and linguist with over 20 years of teaching experience.

Check out my livestreams for teaching at this playlist:

Class size: 5-6 students
Price for one person: 5,900 baht
Price for two people (friends/couples): 10,800 baht

Schedule: Sundays 9 PM to 10:30 PM
Dates to be determined; the class will be open with a minimum of 4 students.
If you can't make this schedule, please let me know your availability
and I will keep you updated with other time slots.
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