Please fill out each question. Double Check everything for proper spelling, and make sure you say exactly what you mean to say. Submission of a panel does not guarantee approval, so please make sure you include a current means of contact so that we can get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!
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This is where you pitch your programming, so be as concise as possible. Also, please list any extra amenities (projector, tables, art supplies) that your panel will require outside of the regular projector + chair setup.
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This description of your panel will show up in your program guide. If you don't really know how to write it, just leave it blank and we'll work with you to create a blurb that's enticing!
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Give us a good day/time range. We will try to accommodate, but we cannot guarantee the time you put. If we need another time, we will contact and try to work with you.
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PLEASE be realistic with your estimation of how long you can talk about your whatever. It is much better for everyone if you have MORE material than the time you indicate, not less.
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Please be exact with your gauge of content, We market our convention as family friendly, so we want to make sure anything that isn't is clearly defined.
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