Real Colors Registration Fall 2019
What's your primary color? Blue? Orange? Green? Gold? Real Colors is a fun and powerful model for understanding yourself and others based on your personality temperament. All MP staff and all of the high school students have done this training and have found it to be a wonderful tool for understanding and communicating with others. Our own Kristan Hunter is a certified trainer and will be offering this training to interested participants at both the Fall and Spring Parent Academy's this year. The training will take place during the ENTIRE Parent Academy time frame meaning that you WILL NOT be able to participate in the keynote and breakout sessions. Also be aware that this training will be offered at the Spring 2020 Parent Academy as well so if you aren't able to participate this time, there will be another opportunity. Pre-Registration is REQUIRED to participate in this training and registration for each session is limited to 30 people.

Please enter your name and submit this form to participate in the Real Colors Training during the Fall 2019 Mid-Prairie Parent Academy. EACH individual participant must submit a separate form, for example, if 2 adults from the same family want to take part in the workshop, EACH person must submit a form.
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