Under the Moon - Postpartum Doula Interest Form
If you have a resume/CV feel free to send it to us at underthemoonbaby@gmail.com.

You are not obligated to answer all the questions but please give us as much information as possible! This work is very intimate and we want to make sure you are placed with clients you'll serve the best.
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Email *
Name *
What area of DFW do you reside? Are there any areas you are not comfortable driving to? *
Phone Number *
Please let us know how you heard about us.
What is your education/training and/or experience caring for newborns?
If you do not have newborn experience (babies less than 4 weeks old) Please share any relevant experience or training you do have and why you think you would be a good fit for this job?
Do you have any experience caring for multiples? (Twins/triplets) Are you comfortable with the idea if not?
Are you able to work overnight shifts? (typically 10 pm - 6 am but can be anytime between 9 pm - 7 am)
Are you able to work daytime shifts? We require a minimum of 4 hours for daytime shifts. What hours do you prefer?
Are there any days/hours that you CANNOT work?
How comfortable are you with supporting breast/chest feeding?
How comfortable are you with preparing formula/bottle feeding?
Do you have any conditions/aversions that might keep you from being in a client's home (for example: pet allergies/serious food allergies)
Our clients require that any contractors be vaccinated. Are you current on Covid vaccines and boosters and Tdap vaccines and able to provide records? *
Wearing a mask may be required in a client's homes regardless of vaccine status. Are you comfortable wearing a mask if asked? *
We proudly serve a diverse clientele. Can you think of any family/household situations that might make you uncomfortable? (race, religion, cultural, same sex couples, gender, parenting styles?) *
Do  you have any early parenting biases that would effect your ability to support a family? For example, circumcision, formula feeding, sleep training, or any other controversial topic?
Are you already a practicing doula/NCS/sleep specialist? Do you have a website or social media account highlighting your business? (if so, please share)
What is your desired pay per hour and how many hours per week would you like to work?
Please feel free to share anything else you want us to know about you and why you want to work with us.  (You can also send a cover letter and CV to underthemoonbaby@gmail.com)
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