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The Holly Park Leasing Process
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Move-in days
July 31st is the last day for previous tenants to be in their apartment for the majority of the units we are renting this year. We need time to properly repair and clean the units. If you need in before the days listed below, we will do our best to accommodate. It is in our advantage to move tenants in faster so we can collect more rental income, but it is a disadvantage to move tenants into an apartment that isn't ready. The dates listed below will have August move-ins established before school starts. Please note that these dates are also not guaranteed.
Pro-rate explanation
We need time to get apartments ready after everyone leaves on July 31st, 2022. We use the first 17 days to get apartments ready. If our team is comfortable with opening early move-ins, we will let you know.

To compensate for not having the apartments ready, we remove the days of rent that you won't have the apartment. So, if you are paying $925 for an apartment and move-in halfway through the month, you would pay only 1/2 a month of rent in September or $462.50 between you and your roommates; which saves you money to get furniture, books, and whatever else you need to settle in. We do require a full month up-front and the prorated rent will be due the following month.
I've read the pro-rate explanation and understand  what it's describing. I know to email with any questions I have relating to move-in.
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Our August move-ins take place on Fridays. Please choose a preferred date. (Holly Park does not guarantee move-in dates, but we will do our best to accommodate.) *
Do you need to move in earlier than August 18th, 2023? If so, please tell us when. If not, respond with no. (We will do our best to accommodate) *
Holly Park doesn't guarantee move-in dates, preferences, and any monies submit cannot be refunded after three (3) days.   *
If you would like updates for your file, please contact the office via email, phone, or in person. We will be working with a mass quantity of people.
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