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1.Yoga with Garima will take responsible measures to prevent injury, but I understand there are always risks. I agree to take full responsibility for practicing yoga within my physical boundaries. I agree to take full responsibility for any injuries during or after the practice of Yoga. I agree to inform the instructor about any discomfort I may face during the class.

2.I understand that practicing yoga may involve physical adjustments from the instructor occasionally. This is to help me to get the full effect of the pose. If I do not want adjustments, it is my responsibility to notify the instructor before the class. If I do wish to receive adjustments, I understand it is my responsibility to notify the instructor when the adjustments has gone far as desired.

Things to remember:

3.For marketing the yoga classes in social media, we might take photographs/videos of the class. If you don’t wish to be a part of it, please notify the instructor before enrolling

4.Avoid alcohol and drugs before practice. Keep yourself hydrated before and after your yoga practice. You must come empty stomach to the class; however you can eat dry fruits or fruits if you feel low on energy.

5.Do not practice yoga on your periods especially for the first three days.

6.We do not recommend that you attempt any poses at home without consulting the instructor. We offer no medical advice. You should consult a medical practitioner before coming for the class, to ensure that you do not injure yourself. This is particularly important if you are overweight, pregnant, nursing, regularly taking medications, or have any existing medical conditions.

7.Using of mobile phones is strictly not allowed in the class. Keep your phones at silent mode during the class.Remove your shoes/slippers outside the class.

I understand ,accept and agree to the above stated terms and conditions. *
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