2018 SacAFL & USAFL Registration
All registered SacAFL players are also invited to play as a member of the Sacramento Suns & Lady Suns in interclub matches throughout the USAFL season.

The Sacramento Australian Football Club is offering a package dual-league registration option for both the SacAFL & USAFL seasons! Once you pay & complete this dual registration, the SAFC will register you with the USAFL on your behalf. You can then begin to accrue eligibility points in order to participate in this year's USAFL Nationals Tournament, to be held in Racine, WI on October 13-14.

For the SacAFL & USAFL season dates & details, please visit: http://sacfooty.webs.com/news2018.htm

For clarification on what registration type you should select, please view the dual registration schedule chart on this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KJS2d5XuGCKoJhK67e6MMdqct0Uvs5pgEKAXhfmF-wE/edit?usp=sharing

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Registration Type
**NOTE** "Rookies" are defined as New players who have never registered as a full participant in the SacAFL or USAFL. Young Adult players (under age 25) are defined as anyone born on or after June 2, 1993. Any previous or "veteran" player is defined as someone who has registered as a full season participant in either league. "Age 25+" is defined as being born before June 2, 1993.

Any player planning to drop-in for individual SacAFL games must pre-pay $15 per game.

*Exceptions to the drop-in rate are made for any new players who have never before played a SacAFL game. New players do not need to pay to play in their first game.*

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All full-season SacAFL registrants (who register by May 25) will receive a all-new training singlet as part of the league registration!
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Player Agreements
All players must review & accept the following player agreements in order to participate in the respective leagues.
(SacAFL) -- I accept the SAFC Waiver & Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk and License: http://sacfooty.webs.com/waiver.htm *
(SacAFL) -- I accept the SAFC League Policies: http://sacfooty.webs.com/safcleaguepolicies.htm *
(USAFL) -- I accept the USAFL Code of Conduct: https://usafl.com/coc *
(USAFL) -- I accept the USAFL Player Waiver: https://usafl.com/waiver *
(USAFL) -- I accept the USAFL Anti-Harassment Waiver: https://usafl.com/usafl-anti-harassment-policy *
I consent to receiving emails from the SAFC *
This is how we will communicate league information to all participants. You may also receive the occasional newsletter from the club. (Your address will not be shared, sold or abused... we have nothing to gain from sharing your details and hate spam too!)
What about your mates?
If you have any friends you absolutely need to be on the same team as, please enter their name/s here. Unfortunately we can not guarantee that we can accommodate all requests, please see team allocation process above.
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Recruited by...
If this is your first time playing in the SacAFL, and you were recruited by a current club member, please provide his/her name below.
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