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Hello, and thank you for aspiring to lead anti-racist action at Cornell!

About: We believe that food is a human right and should never be a barrier to success, especially for students. However, even at prestigious universities like Cornell, hunger persists. A recent survey of 3,857 students revealed that shocking rates of food insecurity are hiding in plain sight on campus. Students indicated that they often or very often ate less than they felt they needed. 17% of Cornell students lack money to buy food, 26% lack time to prepare food, 29% lack time for grocery shopping, and 30% lack transportation to grocery stores. Even more troubling are the clear racial inequalities, with Black-identifying students reporting twice the rates of food insecurity as White students (2019 Cornell Undergraduate Experience Survey).

From this data, we see three main barriers to student food security: lack of equity, lack of money, and lack of time. The first point, lack of equity, goes beyond food justice. Data also shows that BIPOC and women-identifying students on campus, and BIPOC individuals throughout Ithaca, have vastly different experiences in the area than their White counterparts. Student organizations are already working towards equity both in food justice and other anti-racist domains; but these projects need more support.

Grounded in the belief that every student, regardless of socioeconomic background, deserves access to fresh, nutritious and affordable food, a coalition of Cornell University students who are members of Anabel’s Grocery, Cornell Students 4 Black Lives, Dilmun Hill Organic Farm, and the Hydroponics Club created The Anti-Racist Action Fund. This fund will support student projects and organizations working on anti-racist initiatives to address the many systematic inequalities that persist on campus.

As we have all seen from this past semester, Cornell University is far from an equitable sphere to all of its students. From mental health resources, food access, student wages, COVID-19 transparency, discriminatory admissions processes, and many more grievances, Cornell has neglected the wellbeing of the campus community. We hope this fund serves as a starting point to address these issues on campus.

Application Guidelines:
•Any BIPOC-led organization can apply
•You may request any sum of money, but we recommend anywhere from $50-500 depending on your needs
**Multiple groups can apply together if you are collaborating on an event

Application will be accepted on a rolling basis, so feel free to apply!

If you have any questions, please reach out to,,, or
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