Spring Tournament Poll
CWPC is committed to Squirrels (Feb 21-22), CMU (March 21-22) and Lake Erie Classic (April 4-5) Please us know if you would plan to attend the following tournaments. We will enter any that receive 10 or more "yes" votes.
Do you plan to attend the Motor City Invite, March 7-8 in Detroit? *
PROS: The drive is around 3 hours. Should be mostly masters clubs (Detroit and Apostles are confirmed) CONS: They have only 3 clubs signed up now.
Do you plan to attend the University of Toledo Tournament, March 14-15? *
PROS: It's a 2-hour drive. The competition level is not scary. CONS: They have 3 clubs signed up now and some people may prefer tougher competition than they attracted in the fall. It is week before CMU. NOTE: This tournament is open to all members and is not intended to be only for new players.
Do you plan to attend the UNC Easter Tournament in North Carolina, April 4-5? *
PROS: According to GroupMe it was a really good time last time we went and there are lots of solid teams, mostly collegiate. CONS: It's a long drive and it's the weekend before our home tournament.
Has Kanoe become the new Preetha when it comes to taking 45 minutes to get into the water?
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