We Need Your Support: Committee Hearings on the San Gabriel Mountains and Foothills and Rivers Protection Act | 我们需要您的帮助:圣盖博山脉和山麓河流保护法的委员听证会

The San Gabriel Mountains provide 70% of Los Angeles County's open space, and the need has never been greater for improved visitor services, access to nature for our diverse urban population, and expanded natural resource protection. To address these issues, the San Gabriel Mountains, Foothills and Rivers Protection Act has been introduced in the House and Senate to:

1. Expand the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument by adding approximately 109,143 acres in the upper Los Angeles River watershed
2. Establish the San Gabriel Mountains National Recreation Area for the San Gabriel and San Jose Foothills and the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers comprised of over 51,000 acres
3. Expand Wilderness area designations within the San Gabriel Mountains by 31,069 acres
4. Designate 45.5 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers in the San Gabriel Mountains

We, the undersigned, urge Congress to pass these bills to ensure that our threatened national resources remain protected, vibrant and accessible to all- now and for future generations.

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圣盖博山脉(San Gabriel Mountains)和山麓河流(Foothill and Rivers)保护法

圣盖博山脉提供了70%(百分之七十)的洛杉矶县的开放空间,改善游客服务的需要从来没有如此之大,给我们城市里的人民能够接触大自然,和增强自然资源的保护。为了解决这些问题,圣盖博山脉(San Gabriel Mountain)和山麓河流(Foothill and Rivers)保护法已经在美国众议院提出了以下:

2. 在圣盖博(San Gabriel),圣何塞山麓(San Jose Foothills),里奥翁(Rio Hondo),圣盖博河流(San Gabriel Rivers)之间建立超过51,000英亩的圣盖博山脉国家游乐区(San Gabriel Mountains National Recreation Area)。
3. 将圣盖博山脉(San Gabriel)里的野外区域扩大31,069英亩。
4. 规划一个45.5英里的野景河流。


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