HTS'18 Startup Lab Application
Thank you for your interest in the Haiti Tech Summit 2018 Startup Lab! The Startup Lab is an opportunity for entrepreneurs in Haiti to get 1:1 mentorship with global experts from various functional areas.

Given that we have limited spots available, we invite you to apply by April 29th. All applicants will be notified of their application status by May 4th.

Startup Lab Overview:
- 2 hour session
- You'll have 30min for 1:1 mentorship in 4 out of 6 focus areas (Sales & Marketing, Finance/VC, Hiring Strategy, Technology, Product Management, UX Design)
- In the application, you'll have the opportunity to select your preference of the top 4 functional areas to get mentored in (preference not guaranteed)
- Due to capacity, the Startup Lab is for 1 member of your startup to participate in only. While it's not required that the participant be the founder, we do encourage sending a representative from your leadership team to get the most out of the mentorship

Selection Criteria:
- Based in one of the 10 departments in Haiti
- Less than 5yrs old
- Proven traction
- Valid MVP

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Application Questions
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