Sen. Ira I. Silverstein 2016 Constituent Survey
Your ideas and opinions are important for me to best represent you in Springfield. Please take a moment and share your thoughts with me in this quick survey. Your responses are confidential.
After more than a year, Governor Bruce Rauner finally approved a full-year budget for K-12 education and a stopgap budget for higher education, human services and road construction. Programs for the elderly, disabled, children and families suffered while the governor held out for his personal non-budget agenda (including right-to-work, prevailing wage, gutting state workers’ pay and benefits). With half of this year’s budget not yet decided, what do you think about his position?
Choose the one closest to your opinion.
Governor Bruce Rauner has proposed drastic cuts to programs for the elderly, disabled, children, and to Medicaid and higher education. This increases the burden on the middle class, but with no “shared sacrifice” such as closing tax loopholes on corporations. What do you think of his proposals?
Estimates from the governor’s office and both sides of the aisle reflect a reality that state revenue is not sufficient to maintain state services and funding to schools. After a temporary income tax increase expired in 2015, the loss in revenue caused deep funding cuts that hurt families statewide, while the needs did not decrease. What do you believe should happen to address these critical gaps?
Without an increase in revenue, more cuts will be necessary. Please rank the following areas from 1 to 8, with 1 being the least acceptable area to cut and 8 being the most acceptable to you.
Rank your least acceptable cut as 1.
Rank your next least acceptable cut as 2.
Rank your number 3 cut.
Rank your number 4 cut.
More acceptable cuts: Rank your number 5.
More acceptable cuts: Rank your number 6.
More acceptable cuts: Rank your number 7.
Rank the most acceptable area to cut as number 8.
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