Sri Shirdi Saibaba Temple And Sri Venkateswara Temple, Cedar Park Food Sponsors for Diwali Mela, March 24, 2018
Lots of food items are needed to make the Food Mela a success! Please help with any item or amount you can provide.
The goal of the Mela is to have fun and to raise funds for Sri Venkateswara Temple Ornamentation. You can help by sponsoring food items for the Mela.

If any questions on the food items or stalls, you may email Thanks for helping with the food mela! It will be a FUN Community event at the Sai Baba and Sri Venkateswara Temples!

Food Items
Please choose from food items listed below. Thank you!
Dry items may be dropped at the Baba temple kitchen one week before.
Fresh food items may be dropped at Baba Temple kitchen by 12 noon.
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Chole Curry (10 trays needed)
Chole with gravy, for chole bhattura
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Puris/Rotis - 30 pack at Costco (ROTILAND WHEAT)
Samosas - 500 total
You may also sponsor samosas, and we will order for you ($50 min).
Bhel mix - 75 lbs total (Full - by Laxmi Brand Snacks) Thank you!
Fresh, spicy bhel mix is best for the Bhel Puri.
Peanut Chutney (for Idli/Dosa)
Peanut Chutney
Tamarind Chutney -
2 large trays needed
Potato Curry - 15 big trays (dry for Dosa)
Dry please, no gravy.
Potatoes - boiled & cubed - 10 big trays - full, thank you!
For Bhel Puri
Idlis - 300 pieces total needed
To be served with Sambar or chutney
Dhokla - 3 big trays
Sweets & Hot - 400 packets in zip locks
Make your favorite Diwali sweet and put in snack size zip locks, for sale at Mela.
Burger Buns
Need 250 buns, 10 packets from Costco
Soda Cans - 30 cases - 24/case
Water Bottles - 60 cases (35 bottles/case)
Thank you for helping with the Mela! Jai Sai Ram.
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