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Please take a few minutes to help us keep track of this growing seed library movement. This list is used to help us connect seed libraries in similar bioregions, support individuals who want to find seed libraries near them as well as connect people in the same community that are interested in opening seed libraries but are not connected. The personal contact information is not public. We periodically send out emails when new material has been developed. We do not share personal information with other groups. Filling this form out saves us a lot of time and helps us to accurately report the number of libraries. Also, fill in this form if the information on the Sister Libraries page is no longer accurate (for example, you are now open, you created a website or you opened other branches). Thanks!
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What town, city or area are you serving? *
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For USA, Canada & Australia, please use the abbreviation for the state, province  or territory. Ex. Arizona = AZ, Queensland = QLD, Ontario = ON
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What stage are you in? *
Once you open, please fill this form in again so we can correct the information on the Sister Libraries list.
If you have MULTIPLE BRANCHES, how many branches do you have in TOTAL?
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If more than one person wants to receive emails, please include the other email address.
What's the name of your seed library?
If you have a website, webpage or on-line presence, let us know so we can link to it. This helps other folks find you.
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Is there any other information you'd like us to know at this point?
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