Operation EarthWatch OCTOBER 2019: "Our Place in Nature"
K-3rd grades: Choose at least 3 activities. 4th-5th grades: Choose at least 4 activities.
Due Date: November 4, 2019.

Download a paper copy at https://sites.google.com/site/operationearthwatch/activity-sheets. Email: earthwatchcontact@gmail.com.
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World Habitat Day (First Monday in October)
Most habitats (places or environments where plants or animals naturally or normally live and grow) are natural, but some are man made (artificial). 1) Do you live in a natural or man made habitat? Describe your habitat in the space below or on a piece of recycled paper: 2) Visit the Mary Riley Styles Public Library and learn about one habitat. What did you learn? (If needed, Email picture of your work to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com).
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Character Building: Self-Reflection
What do you want to achieve by participating in Operation EarthWatch? In the space below or on recycled paper, write a poem, short story, or essay, or make a drawing about what you want to achieve by participating in Operation EarthWatch.
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Help at a Habitat Improvement Event
HABITAT RESTORATION (Planting): Donald S. Frady Park on Oct. 5 (10am – noon) - Isaac Crossman Park on Oct. 19 (10am – noon) - H.E. Herman Stream Park on Nov. 2 (10am – noon). Tools, gloves, plants, water, and snacks provided. No need to register. Email Melissa Teates meltektites@outlook.com for info. COMMUNITY CLEAN-UP & LITTER PICK-UP: Meet at Community Center on Oct. 19 (10am start). For all these events wear closed toe shoes and dress to get dirty. Encourage friends and family to volunteer with you. RECYCLING EXTRAVAGANZA & HAZARDOUS WASTE COLLECTION - Gordon Road on Oct. 19: www.fallschurchva.gov/604/Recycling-Extravaganza-Collection-Events. 1)Which did you choose? 2) How did you help?
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What a view! (Repeats monthly)
Choose a window from which you can see some ‘nature’. You will look at the view from this window each month from October to March. What did it look like in October? Describe your view below or on a piece of recycled paper using words or a picture. (If needed, Email picture of your work to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com).
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Go Camping!
Ask a parent if you can “camp out” at a park campground, or even in your own backyard. Camping is a great way to experience nature! (Mary Riley Styles Public Library has a limited number of “I love Virginia State Parks: Survival Skills” backpacks available for loan; they include a FREE parking / entrance pass for all Virginia state parks that you could consider borrowing for your camping adventure.) 1) Did you camp in your backyard? At a park? 2) Here or on a separate piece of recycled paper describe your camping experience with a picture, poem, song or story. (If needed, Email picture of your work to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com).
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Walk or Bike to School Day (October 2)
Ask an adult to walk or bike with you to school on Wednesday October 2 (Walk or Bike to School Day). If you usually walk or bike to school encourage your friends to join you. Or, find another journey that you usually take by car and walk or bike instead. 1) Did you walk or bike? 2) How many friends did you travel with? 3) When you walked or rode your bike to school what did you most enjoy in Nature? 4) Talk to your parents about walking or biking to and from school more often in the future.
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Reduce Natural Resource Use and Clean Out Your Closets
Reusing instead of buying new saves natural resources and reduces waste and pollution: plastic toys (made using lots of water) are often packaged in cardboard (made from trees), and shipped across oceans (creating carbon emissions). INSTEAD: Visit the Saint James School Annual Bazaar. Donate used clothing, books, or toys from Oct. 12-19 and shop at the Bazaar from Oct. 23-26. OR: Visit a local thrift store. 1) What did you donate, recycle, or buy? 2) How did your choice impact natural resources?
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Rethinking Public & Parking Spaces
In September the City of Falls Church celebrated PARKing Day by converting parking spaces into a little park for the day, to encourage people to rethink how we use public space. If we didn’t use cars we could use the public space currently used for cars for other things. If you could do anything with a street parking space, what would you do with it? Describe or draw your ideas on recycled paper. (If needed, Email picture of your work to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com).
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Choose Your Own
Choose your own activity related to the theme of Nature Care (some activity ideas can be found at www.operationearthwatch.org). Complete the activity and describe it here:
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