Title IX for Parents & Students
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A crucial part of this is being able to determine how well your Title IX rights have been communicated to you and/or your child. Please answer the following brief questions before beginning the quiz.
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About Your Title IX Rights
Title IX for K-12 schools is mainly about gender equality in sports and programs. When it comes to sexual harassment, there are exceptions for K-12 schools since students don't "reside together" on campus.
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Title IX mandates are limited to incidents that occur on campus or at school events.
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Following a Title IX complaint, a K-12 school must:
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If there is a criminal investigation happening as a result of the harassment, the school must:
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The following are mandated rights for Title IX complainants: (check all that apply)
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Optional- More Title IX Information
If you would like more resources regarding your Title IX rights, please leave your name and contact number below. Please note, this is not for any Title IX legal advice and/or complaints, however resources and additional information may be provided as needed. More information available at: https://www.eastlandcrisis.org/title-ix-information.html
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