MLaaTR Script Writer/Storyboard Application
Want to be a Script Writer/Storyboard artist on the reboot? Fill out the application accordingly and submit your separate audition to!
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What are you comfortable with writing out? *
(conversations, mysteries, action sequences, deep conflicts, etc.)
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Have you seen the entirety of Season 1-3 of My Life as a Teenage Robot? *
If not, please note that before you can officially write a new episode, you MUST preview every already-aired episode that was produced by Nickelodeon. This is to ensure no repeated plots or events and provide a continuous overall story.
Please mark the seasons you are willing to commit to: *
1. Write out a quick conversation, action scene, episode idea, etc. 

2. Print out some copies of the storyboard template and fill them out accordingly. --(Storyboard Artist Only)

3. Scan the storyboards into the computer or take an HD photo of them (you have to be able to see the images and writing, basically). --(Storyboard Artist Only)

4. Send audition file via email after this form's completion:

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