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Note: Humanities 2-Room 359
Humanities 2-Room 359 is now prioritized for Humanities Division mobile laptop lab use (Max. Capacity 50) – Reserve at
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NOTE: Reserving Group is responsible for changing furniture placement, as well as returning furniture to original room configuration.
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Who will be catering? Please provide name and contact info.
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We will unlock the room at this time. Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes before event start time to accommodate tech set-up, catering, etc.
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Time needed to reset/clean up room and allow for catering to pick up materials. Please note, we will charge for rooms that are not cleaned up.
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If you've selected multiple rooms, please list your preference. If you need multiple rooms, please list why (ex: We would like to reserve room 202 and 210 because we will be having a lecture in room 210 and will serve food in room 202.)
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I understand that the Event Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the room is cleaned up and reset to its original configuration after the event. There are cleaning supplies located in the conference rooms. *All trash and recycling must be removed after the event and bins relined.* Please return the tables and chairs to the original configuration (map is located on the wall) and close all windows and doors. If Humanities Academic Service staff are not available, please contact Humanities Facilities Coordinator, Tony Grant ( or 831-428-1733). Key drop-off is outside ASC HUM 1.
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If same as Event Coordinator, type "see above."
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There is no charge to reserve a conference room but we require a FOAPAL in case we need to charge for any trash or recycling left in room or damaged furniture and/or equipment.
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Events after 4:30 or on weekends require a key checkout *
Events: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM DO NOT require a key check out. Our staff will unlock the door during the "set-up" time and lock up after the clean-up time indicated.
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