Diverse Bodies Model Application
Our goal is to create a coffee book (and possible website) of bodies and stories that are representative of the diversity of New York City. We are interested in photographing the naked body - including breasts, penises, butts, and vulvas. Photos will be accompanied by the stories the models share. We welcome persons of all shapes, backgrounds, ages, ability statuses, gender identities, nationalities, etc. This project is intended to celebrate the beauty of diversity in all of its forms.

If you are interested in being interviewed and photographed for a book celebrating Diverse Bodies, please fill out the below application.

Please email us at diversebodiesproject@gmail.com if you have any questions!
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Name *
Age *
Gender Pronouns
Do you live, go to school, or work within New York City? *
What are some identities you hold (race, religion, sexuality, gender identity, body image, etc.)? [This question is meant to help us reach out to populations that are underrepresented in our applications]
What interests you about this project? *
How would you describe your relationship to your body? *
How do you feel about representation of diverse bodies in the media? Do you feel adequately represented? *
Which body parts would you be interested in having photographed? *
Would you be interested in an optional video interview? *
Would you prefer anonymity or to have your name associated with your pictures? (Your answer does not affect your eligibility and you may choose to change your answer at any point before the book is printed) *
Is there anything you would like us to know or any questions you have?
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