EvRMoore Equine Show Form Tryon A shows
Riders and parents: Please fill out this form for each show weekend and sign your section.
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PARENTS~ I understand I am to be supportive of my rider. I will not discuss placings, fees, nor my opinions about the judges in any public place. I will be respectful of other parents, riders, and both Evie as the trainer and Donna as the assistant. I will not distract my rider during the show day, but will offer food/ drink/ love and support and then will watch from the sidelines and take photos/ videos. I will not coach my rider. I will not consume alcohol during show hours. PARENTS SIGN BELOW *
RIDERS~ I agree to be respectful of all riders and coaches. I will not complain about placings nor blame judges for the results. I understand I am continuing to learn and grow and will take every class as an opportunity to improve my riding and my relationship with my horse. RIDERS SIGN BELOW *
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