Youth Entrepreneurship Summer Program
This is the intake form for the Yukon Literacy Coalitions summer entrepreneurship program, part of our Youth Financial Literacy initiative. Please fill out all 4 sections as best you can, if you have any questions or need some help you can ask your parent or guardian, or you can contact us by email at any time or by phone from 8am-4pm Monday to Friday 867-668-6535
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Are you applying for yourself, as a group or on behalf of someone? *
What is your first and last name? (If you are a group, please pick one person to be the point of contact) *
How old are you? (If you're a group pick the age of the point of contact) *
What is your project? Tell us about it! Are you going to be mowing lawns, baby-sitting, running a lemonade stand, dog-walking? There are lots of opportunities out there, be creative! *
Where do you want to work? *
What do you need from us? Please be as specific if you can, do you need start-up money, how much? Help with marketing? Filling out a business plan? Tell us what you need and we will help! *
How can we contact you? Please give us an email or phone number that we can reach you you with *
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