Ten Thousand Coins - Alpha Demo v0.8.x Feedback
Recently played a demo Ten Thousand Coins ? Give your feedback below and be in the win a full copy of the game on release, as well as your name in the credits as a special thanks!
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What did you think of the art & aesthetics of the game (Character, Environment, UI, VFX)? Did anything stand out (in a good or bad way)? *
Do you think all the game mechanics (trading, wilderness encounters, combat, narrative cutscenes) work together well? Why or why not? *
Did you encounter any bugs or unbalanced features while playing? If so, what were they?
On release, the price for this game is planned at $14.99 USD. Do you think this is a fair price for the full game that you (or a friend) would be willing to purchase? *
If there is ONE feature you can ADD or CHANGE in the demo, what would that be? *
Any other feedback you have for the demo? All feedback will go towards the development of Ten Thousand Coins!
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