Afternoon Shuttle from Lower to Upper Campus
Use this form to let us know that your child will be taking the bus from the lower school campus to the upper school campus in the afternoons. In order for us to ensure the safety of our younger students at the lower school, we must require that a parent communicate in writing or through this google form that their child is authorized to ride the bus to the upper school.

If a student is not riding the bus every day, please state the exact date or dates that you would like to reserve a spot.

Any deviations from the request made on this form must be communicated to

This form may be submitted weekly or daily, if necessary. If requesting a ride the same day, please submit by 2:45 pm.
Email address *
Parent's Name *
Student's Name *
Reserve Your Child's Spot on the Bus *
If you are not reserving a spot for every day, please give the exact date or dates you would like to reserve a spot on the bus (i.e. 9/10/20 and 9/12/20). Please note: this form may be submitted weekly or daily if necessary.
Where is your child going once they arrive at the upper school campus? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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