Feedback on the use of SR Releasing Coronaviruses
We welcome feedback about the use of this Source Resonance as this will help us in evaluating its effectveness and promoting its use.
The SR Releasing Coronaviruses can be used for supporting wellbeing to reduce the likelihood of developing symptoms or once there are already symptoms of COVID-19. How severe were the symptoms before use of the Resonance?
No symptoms
Severe symptoms (e.g. hospitalisation)
If there were already symptoms of COVID-19, please describe and scale the severity of each each from 1 to 10, prior to use (where 10 is very severe):
For example a high temperature (feeling hot to touch on the chest or back); a new, severe cough; hospitalisation or on a ventilator. Also note mood, energy levels and sleep.
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How often and over how many days was the SR Releasing Coronaviruses used?
For example 'Every half hour for several hours and then a few times a day for a week' or 'Once a day for a week and then weekly'
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What form of the Resonance did you use?
For example the audio from the Source Medicine website; download; app; audio from another platform; pill.
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How severe were the symptoms after use of the Resonance?
No symptoms
Severe symptoms (e.g. hospitalisation)
Overall, how helpful was this Resonance?
Not helpful
Extremely helpful
Please describe the response to the Resonance
Consider general wellbeing, mood, energy, opening to life in new ways. For those with symptoms of COVID-19, note any changes and scale their severity from 0 to 10 after use of the Resonance.
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Please add any further details, for instance if symptoms have started after using the Resonance or if there has been direct contact with any confirmed case of COVID-19
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Were any other treatments or interventions started during the time that the Resonance was being used?
If yes, please describe
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Age in years
There are differences in response to resonances between people from traditional cultures and western or westernised cultures. Which of the following applies?
By 'embedded in a traditional culture' we mean where generations have lived together, close to the land and the growing of food, and with an inherent sense of belonging.
Country of residence
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Email address
Occasionally we contact people to check details of the feedback provided.
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Is it OK for this information to be anonymously shared, for instance with our Research Network and on the Source Medicine website?
It can be helpful for people to hear how others are experiencing the Resonances.
Any other comments or feedback? Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Receiving feedback is hugely valuable in sustaining and developing our work.
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