Inside Your Inventory - Sunday
Welcome to Crazy Sales Sunday !!

The Inside Event is a great business opportunity for Second Life designers.

Our list is widely advertised and offers designers the opportunity to expand their advertising and win new customers.

The objective is to promote products of your brand with a value of L $ 50 and also discounts of 35%, 50% or 75% for the members of the group of events and allow them to be in your store to know the other products.

We guarantee to take customers to your store, but it is up to you to carefully select good quality items for sale, so that the customer becomes a fan of your creations.

- Rules for participating:
1) You must be the creator of the items. (franchise stores and outsourced gacha resale are not accepted);
2) Products must comply with Linden Lab and copyright rules.
3) Sellers of products of doubtful origin will not be admitted and this designer may be banned from the event.
 4) Low quality products will not be allowed. This includes low quality textures, meshes that do not fit properly on the body and other items that do not interest the consumer to follow the list of events.
5) The approved designer must attend at least two weeks of the month. Leaving without telling us the reason will be removed, having to register again and wait for the vacancy to participate in new rounds.
6) It is the merchant's responsibility to withdraw the terminal in our payment room. That done, from your own residence, you can make the payment and send us the card of the week with the permanent textures complete of the items to be disclosed and the correct location mark of the store. (If you made the payment and forgot to enter the data for the week, there will be no refund).
7) Payment and provision of data for listing must be made on the Saturday of each week. (if you can't, contact us to find out if you can participate this week).
8) The event board must be placed next to the products.
9) You must leave the configured items until Saturday.
10) The list will be launched on Saturday night, so that customers have time to view the product and search for items. Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to prepare the items in a timely manner to participate.
11) We will contact you across the world if you are approved.
12) If you don't pass the first try, don't give up, you will be able to meet the requirements, but we have a maximum number of clients to manage and there may not be places available every month.
13) The weekly investment is L $ 200.
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