What makes a Confident Creativepreneur?
I'm in the process of developing a community site called The Confident Creativepreneur.

It's for female creatives who earn their living from their creative talents and who want to build their personal and professional confidence so that they can take courageous action to build a successful creative business and a happy home life.

Of course, I'm not a mind-reader, so please take 2 minutes to give me an idea of what you need help with so that the content is tailored specifially to your need.

As a creative entrepreneur, what are your goals and desires? *
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What has gotten in the way of your goals / desires / vision being accomplished? *
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What would you say the biggest challenge creative entrepreneurs are struggling with, or what have you struggled with? *
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What is the # 1 topic, problem or challenge you face when it comes to confidence? *
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What best describes you?
If I were to offer a membership programme that included courses, programmes, training, frameworks, processes, expert advice, group support & community and discounts for creative entrepreneurs to help build their confidence - on a personal level, business level and creative level, hypothetically how interested would you be in this practical, accountability based membership? *
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Totally Interested, where do I sign up?
Thank you so much for your input! This is going to help me create a resource that's actually useful and meeting your need.
Want to find out more? If this has piqued your interest and you want to be notified once the membership launches, get yourself on the waiting list over on www.confidentcreativepreneur.com
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