FairGradesMidd Student Strike
As many of you know the Middlebury Administration and Faculty have let students down by proposing version of opt-in policies that are incognizant of students' needs and situations. We have followed every rule and guideline to make sure that we were respecting the systems set in place. However, when systems are not beneficial to a body, it is necessary to disrupt them. Thereby, FairGradesMidd is initiating a Student Lead Strike on (Insert Date)
In this Student Lead Strike we students will not attend our online classes or engage in any classwork until our campus administration agrees to negotiate with FairGradesMidd about creating a more fair grading system.

We thank our faculty members who have stood with FairGradesMidd in this movement. FairgradesMidd and the student body are asking that faculty continue to stand with us in the student Student Lead Strike.

FairGradesMidd will host alternative zoom(s) sessions when we begin our strike, more details on those sessions are soon to come.

Prior to the strike FrairGradesMidd will release the number of people participating.

FairGradesMidd thanks you for your participation.  
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