UYM-Get To Know You (20 minutes)
This is a truly important part of the Unleash Your Magic (UYM) Program. It helps me to know you better so that I can help you achieve the transformation you have always wanted in your life. Please take the time you need to complete this BEFORE you attend Day 1 of UYM. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Trust your heart as you write down YOUR answers. Let's get started, shall we?
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What is it that you are struggling to transform in your life right now? *
If you have listed several struggles in your answer to the question above, which 1 of those is your biggest priority? *
Why is that your biggest priority now? *
Have you tried any other method to overcome it in the past? *
If 'YES', what have you tried and what is the outcome? *
Imagine if something magical happened tonight and you wake up tomorrow morning already achieved the transformation you want for your life. Describe what you will SEE, HEAR and FEEL. *
See you at Unleash Your Magic!
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