SVLA Scholar Application
In order to uphold a high standard of excellence in our Scholar program at SVLA and to help our youth grow as leaders and Statesmen, potential SVLA Scholars must complete the following requirements before they enroll for Scholar Projects.

"Scholar Projects" have been scheduled before lunch breaks on both Mondays and Wednesdays; all other classes on those days are considered 'Enrichment.'

Students may enroll as 'Associate Members' without an application if they are taking Enrichment classes only.
Note: Tuesday classes, for ages 10 and up (including scholars 14 up), are open for enrollment without an application.

Students who enroll with a full membership on Tuesdays and are 14+ may also enroll for Enrichment classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. This application is for Monday/Wednesday morning classes ONLY, all other classes are open without an application.

Requirements to attend Scholar Projects:
1) Complete this application form
2) Complete an interview with a board member
3) Sign a Scholar Contract (at your interview)
4) Read "A Thomas Jefferson Education" by Oliver DeMille (before the first day of class)

On the Scholar Contract you will be asked to commit to the following:
-Dress Standard
-Respectful Language
-Respect self, others and building
-Choose IN to classes -- meaning you choose to do what the mentor asks of you if you enroll into their class, including homework, which will usually be a minimum of 4 hours of outside work per week (possibly less for 1-hour classes).
-If you need assignments adapted to your needs, you are responsible for meeting with your mentor and discussing options. The time requirement will still apply, but a mentor may be able to work out different options for you in how you complete assignments and grow as a scholar and a leader.
-To do your work in such a way that you grow as a person through the semester and are proud of what you have accomplished. Every student's efforts and accomplishments will be different. What do you need to do in order to be proud of your efforts?
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Why do you want to be a Scholar at SVLA? (Scholar Projects are those classes which are scheduled Monday and Wednesday mornings before lunch.) *
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What was the last Classic you have read (or listened to, watched, experienced, etc.)? Why was it a 'Classic'? *
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Give one example of how you have observed and demonstrated great leadership. *
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Thank you for applying for South Valley Leadership Academy. We will be contacting you soon to schedule your interview.
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