SSC Parent/Guardian Ballot
SSC Parent/Guardian Ballot: Round 2
Prisk School Site Council Parent Representative Ballot for 2019-20
Round 2 Election Date: September 29, 2019

Please select up to 3 representatives by checking the designated spaces on the left.
Francesca Douglass-Franco *
Hello! My name is Francesca and my daughter is currently a first grader in Mrs. Simmons' class. I hope to utilize my experience as a former LBUSD student, as the founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit that serves human trafficking survivors and facilitates in-school trainings in LB, and as a board member for the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce's Women's Business Council, to humbly contribute to the excellence of Prisk in whatever way I can. I attended school in Long Beach from 1st grade through university and feel very passionate about serving our community and putting our children first.
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