2020-2021 BSTN Manager Form
As a manager you will be in charge of building new production platforms, wiring, and making decisions for future productions. Being a manager will require extra time outside of school and recordings. There are benefits to being a manager including a resume, college and scholarship builders. You will also be a part of building the course and making decisions for the future. Being a manager is another leadership position to a part of in BSTN.
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If students are not treating equipment properly, how would you handle a peer to peer interaction? *
BSTN is a large and expensive program. It functions with numerous leaders. As a leader, how would you handle the role as a manager? What would be your goals to improving BSTN and it's structure.
Are you a member or applying to be a member of the Football Production Crew? *
List any other information you think is important to the decision making of selecting you to become a manager.
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