Haring Center Research Application
Please complete the items in this survey if you would like to apply to conduct research at the EEU. You will receive a confirmation when your application is received. Applications will be reviewed and processed at monthly leadership meetings, so please plan for at least one month before your proposed research can begin. For additional information, please contact the Haring Center Director of Research, Dr. Kathleen Meeker (kameeker@uw.edu).
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When this study is complete, do you agree to provide a written research brief to the Haring Center and/or present your findings *
Please answer these questions about your proposed research. If you are not sure about an item, please describe in the notes section.
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Will EEU staff (other than you) be responsible for actively recruiting participants?
Will EEU staff (other than you) deliver intervention or be the recipient of intervention (i.e., teacher PD)?
Will EEU staff (other than you) be expected to change their practice, routine, or schedule as part of the study?
Is the proposal for a withdrawal or reversal design? Or does it require a non-treatment control group?
Are you new to the Haring Center or EEU?
Does the project require substantial changes to a child's educational program at the EEU?
Does the project involve more than one classroom?
Does the project take place outside of the EEU, but you are requesting to recruit children or families from the EEU?
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How many classrooms will be involved? How many total children?
What classrooms or age groups will be involved?
Notes or comments about your proposal
Briefly describe your study's goals, research questions, and method. You may type a response or email a document to kameeker@uw.edu. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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