Hinterland Dance Academy's 2021 Online Enrolment Form
Address: Suite 16 / 3029 The Boulevard, The French Quarter at Emerald Lakes, Carrara
Corner of The Boulevard and Panorama Drive, upstairs on Level 1. Access to Level 1 is via glass door to stairs just to the right of the fountain/outdoor staircase near Gloria Jeans and Cabukee Cafe.
Contact us at 0406 152 019 or dance@hinterlanddanceacademy.com
Ph: 0406 152 019
E: andrea@hinterlanddanceacademy.com

2021 Term dates:
Term 1: Wed 27/1/21 to Thurs 1/4/21
Term 2: Mon 19/4/21 to Sat 26/6/21
Term 3: Mon 12/7/21 to Sat 18/9/21
Term 4: Mon 4/10/21 to Concert (approx Sat 20/11/21 - Sat 4/12/21)

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We offer weekly private lessons for students of all ages who seek to gain specialised individual coaching, progress technically, learn a performance solo, and in some cases prepare for a career in the dance industry. We can tailor-make a program to suit the needs of the individual dancer. Please note that our private lessons are intended to be added in addition to regular weekly group lessons as a supplement to help students to progress. We do not offer private lessons instead of group classes. Are you interested in adding an additional weekly private lessons?
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