Oh Snap! Photo contest - Application

Taking photos of jewellery and metal art is tough! Full spectrum lighting and the right amount of diffusion are necessary to accommodate sparkly, shiny and translucent, often together. Macro lenses highlight every scratch and speck of dust. That mirror finish you spent hours perfecting, reflects everything in the room. Not to mention the background, which must provide the right amount of contrast so that the bright colours and tiny details are not swallowed up. Adding shadows and atmospheric drama? We are impressed, because we know what it’s like.

The Vancouver Metal Arts Association is excited to present our 2020 Oh Snap! contest. We are seeking high quality images that represent our community to feature in our new website and in future social media campaigns. This includes close-up photos of your work and photos of you working in-studio. Preference will be given to photos of work made with interesting material combined with metal and those that demonstrate impressive workmanship.The photos will be captioned with credit to the artist.

Prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize - $300 cash (or gift certificate with one of our partners?) ; photo placement on the front page of the VMAA website ; photo credit

Runner Up X 4 - $50 cash; photo placement on main menu pages of VMAA website ; photo credit

Honourable Mention - selected entries to be featured in our social media feeds, events listings, and other VMAA media; photo credit

submissions accepted by current VMAA members
applicants must present their own photography of their own work (not outsourced to another photographer)
Highest resolution JPEG file, at least 2,000 x 2,000 dpi
submissions should be completely original and not featured elsewhere online
submissions free from outside legally binding contracts or obligations (galleries, publications etc.) and not featured as the main image of other websites
Maximum 5 photos per entry

To submit: fill this form and send all images to president@gmail.com (as attachments) with email title “Oh Snap 2020 _ (your full name)"

Deadline: Entries accepted until September 15, 2020
Winners announced: September 29, 2020*
* Chosen photos may be uploaded to our website before the announcement.

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