RRHS Football Booster Club 2020 Scholarship Application
The Round Rock High School Football Booster Club is pleased to invite all interested senior RRHS football players, graduating in the spring of 2020, to apply for our college scholarships. Awards vary from year to year based upon available funds from the RRHS Football Booster Club. Scholarships will be awarded in varying amounts ranging from $250 to $1,000.
Scholarship Program (Deadline is March 6, 2020)
The purpose of the RRHS Football Booster Club Scholarship is to encourage scholastic achievement, participation in the football program and to recognize community contributions of the senior Dragon football student-athletes. The RRHS Football 2020 Scholarship Program will be awarding scholarships in varying amounts ranging from $250 to $1,000. These scholarships are one-time grants, designated to assist student-athletes pursuing higher education. Eligibility is based on booster club guidelines

The goal of the booster club is to award up to $5,000 in scholarships each year. The final amount allocated to scholarship distribution will be based upon the financial position of the booster club. The specific scholarship distribution amount will be determined at a 2020 January booster club meeting. The amount allotted for scholarship distribution will then be communicated to the scholarship committee.

The amounts awarded to the individual players will be determined based upon the scoring of the scholarship eligibility criteria outlined in this scholarship packet.

UIL & District Rules will apply NCAA Eligibility Rules may apply

Deadline to submit the application is Friday, March 6, 2020 -- No Exceptions

Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their success, perseverance, dedication, community service and academic achievement. To be considered for a scholarship a student must meet the following:

ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION: Must be a senior player in the RRHS Football Program for a minimum of two years, one of which has to be senior year and in good standing with the program.

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: The senior player must have an overall grade point average of
2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale, after the fall semester of the senior year.

HIGHER EDUCATION: The senior player must plan to enroll in an institution of higher learning after graduation from RRHS. Such institutions include not only 2 or 4 year colleges or universities, but also technical, vocational and institutes.

APPLICATION FORM: The senior player must complete and submit application on the google form by the deadline indicated.

Transcript: The student-athlete must obtain a signed transcript from the register and email it to: rrhsfootballbooster@gmail.com. You can also hand-deliver it to Michelle Carson (office next to Coach Cheatham’s office) . Applications that are missing a transcript will not be reviewed.

ESSAY: The senior player is requested to write an essay reflecting on the following topics:
Note: Failure to submit essay will have an impact on applicant’s final score.

• How has athletics contributed to your growth as a person?
• What has participating in high school athletics taught you that is applicable to your future?

Selection of scholarship recipients will be based on an objective assessment of all of the information provided by the applicants. Points will be awarded for each category of the application.
• Financial need is not a consideration and will not be used as factor during the selection process.
• Candidates with highest over- all scores will be awarded scholarships, until all slots have been awarded
• In the case of a tie at any step of the process, community service points will be used to break the tie.
• Scholarships will be announced at the RRHS senior award assembly.

A one-time payment will be made to the registrar of the chosen institution of higher education in one complete installment at the beginning of the 2020 academic school year.
• Students must provide proof of registration to RRHS administrative office for payment to be submitted to your school.
• Scholarships are valid for two years from the date of the award. If not used within two years, the recipient forfeits the scholarship in its entirety.

The scholarship selection committee will be comprised of non-senior parents.
• No identifying information will be given to the scholarship committee
• Parents of the applicant(s) may not serve on the scholarship committee.

Applications will be made available on the RRHS Football Booster Club website at: www.roundrockfootball.com
• The player will complete and submit the complete application by the deadline. THE DEADLINE IS MARCH 6, 2020.
• The Booster Scholarship Selection Committee Chair will provide copies of the applications to the Scholarship

Selection Committee members for evaluation.
• The RRHS Football Scholarship Committee will select award recipients on the basis of the scoring system.
• The Committee Chairman will report the final results to the booster club board for final approval.
• The board will provide final results to the booster club.
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