Crimson Robotics Parts Order Form
Frequent/Preferred FRC Vendor List
Un-machined (raw) materials (metal, Lexan, shafts, etc):
Discount Steel, Online Metals, Home Depot (Lexan), McMaster-Carr, VEXpro (shafts), AndyMark (churros)

Hardware (mechanical department):
McMaster-Carr, AndyMark, VEXpro

Motors and Gearboxes:
VEXpro, West Coast Products, AndyMark, BaneBots

RockyWoods (ballistic nylon), forestproductssupply (in Maplewood) / woodworkerssource (if shipping) (Baltic birch plywood)

VEXpro, Bimba

Other Mechanical Stuff (wheels, rollers, other manipulator-specific items):
VEXpro, West Coast Products, AndyMark, BaneBots, McMaster-Carr (for items that are not designed specifically for robotics teams)

Electrical & Programming:
Cross the Road Electronics, Powerwerx, Digikey, Super Bright LEDs, AndyMark, Amazon, West Coast Products

Quartermaster, Organization, general Business/Admin supplies:
McMaster-Carr (has everything from tackle boxes to markers), Amazon

LEGO Education, BrickLink, Target & McMaster-Carr (for bins & boxes)

CustomInk, FedEx Office, ShortRunPosters

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