Registration form for the youth exchange No need for NEET!
No need for NEET is a project - youth exchange of Future Generation Europe supported by Erasmus+. The project will be held in Modra (Slovakia) between 11. 08. -17. 08. 2017. We are searching for 5 participants from Slovakia in the age 16-20 with the interest in this topic (especially secondary school students, people from disadvantaged background, people who already joined the NEET group and are not in education process, employment or some trainings/interships and so on).

The deadline for the registration is 16th May 2017 !

The main aim of the project is to increase the employability of young people, after finishing their studies through motivation, interactive presentations and workshops helping to motivate young people to be active and interested about their future possibilities through non-formal activities.

Please, think carefully about your registration for this project and consider it as legally binding. Accommodation and transportation will be ensured in advance. Therefore, if you are selected, the cancellation of your registration would cause significant complications :)

The results of the selection process will be announced via your e-mail.

Can´t wait to meet our Slovak group! :)

Don´t forget to read more details:

Filling out this application should take you about 20 minutes.

By completing this form, I agree to the processing of personal data under the law 122/2013 Z.z.about the protection of personal data as amended, for registration and organization of the event No need for NEET.

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We will focus on non-formal education and activities, therefore the english will be used in a simple form. We want you to enjoy this youth exchange and gain a lot of experience, as well as friends and that is the reason why you need to have at least basics of english at a communicative level.
I am a beginner and I may have few problems to actively participate in all activities.
I will have no problem at all to participate in all activities and to understand.
Please specify in which category of fewer opportunities you are, if any, and describe the situation.
We want support and give opportunity to participate also to young people, who are facing economic, social or educational barriers during their effort to gain new experience. We want to be able to talk about these issues that are associated with youth unemployment. If you belong to this group of young people, but you have the motivation to work and not give up on yourself, let us know the problems that you fight with.
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