Norse Spirit Application
Congratulations on your nomination as a Norse Spirit Candidate! Your participation in this year's homecoming festivities will help to engage students across campus as you put your NEO spirit on display!

We ask that you read through the entirety of the application for full understanding of this friendly competition's rules and requirements. Because you cannot save your application and work on it later, it might be helpful to collect some of the information in a Word document to copy and paste into this form when you are ready.

This application is due by Friday, September 13th. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Mr. and Miss Norse Spirit will have the honor of being considered NEO student spirit leaders at various NEO athletic events. Mr. and Miss Norse Spirit will be required to dress in your best spirit wear (get all decked out!) and attend the following Homecoming Events:

- Norse Spirit Candidate Workshop - Friday, September 20th - 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
- Homecoming Pageant and Coronation Practice, Tuesday, October 1st - 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
- Round 'em Up Kickoff - Wednesday, October 2nd from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
- How the West Was Won Pageant and Hoedown - Thursday, October 3rd at 6:30 pm
- Homecoming Parade - Saturday, October 5th at 4:00 pm
- Coronation - Saturday, October 5th during half-time of the football game (game begins at 6:00 pm)

You will be required to report to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Elsie Grover.

~Freshmen or sophomores may apply
~Full-time student
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NEO Homecoming Court Code of Conduct: Competing for and holding the titles of NEO Homecoming King, Queen, Mr. & Ms. Norse Spirit is an honor and a responsibility. Throughout the year you will represent NEO at important events both on-campus and in the local community. Due to the vital role you will play on behalf of NEO, the college expects the Homecoming King, Queen, and Norse Spirit contestants and titleholders to comply with the following code of conduct: Eligible contestants must be full-time students at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College. Contestants and titleholders will agree to adhere to the directions and rules set forth by the NEO Homecoming Committee. Contestants will refrain from speaking privately to pageant judges during the competition period. Entrants and parents should under no circumstances approach judges prior to or during competition. Failure to observe this rule will result in disqualification. Judges will be provided with instructions regarding scoring procedures prior to the competition. Under no circumstances will entrants have the right to view anyone’s scores but their own. All participants and selected titleholders will maintain a professional demeanor that upholds the character, honor and position of respect associated with their position. Entrants should affirm (by signing this form) that they have not or will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morality and convention that would reflect unfavorable on this event or Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, its student body, or student organizations. Entrants are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, professional manner at all times while representing NEO A&M College. Contestants and titleholders will refrain from participating in malicious or inflammatory speech, both in person, in print and online. Gossip, slander or defamatory speech directed against other contestants, committee members, NEO faculty or staff or Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College will not be tolerated and are cause for immediate removal. Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. Disruptive behavior before, during or after Homecoming events will result in disqualification. Contestants and titleholders should remember that social networking site content (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc.), as well as information on any other website or personal webpage, is considered a reflection upon them and NEO. Entrants who appear in public, in printed publications, or online in a state of partial or total nudity or in a lewd, compromising or sexually suggestive manner will be disqualified. Titleholders are expected to maintain a public image that is consistent with the high standards of NEO A&M College. To that end, no public displays of inebriation or intoxication, use of controlled or dangerous substances, indecent exposure, or inappropriate language/behavior will be tolerated. Titleholders should refrain from excessive public displays of affection with their companions while officially representing NEO both on campus and in the community. Smoking or drinking alcohol while representing NEO A&M College is expressly forbidden. Appropriate attire is expected of all Titleholders while they represent the college. Bare midriffs, extremely short skirts, excessive cleavage, offensive logo on t-shirts, etc. are all prohibited. The commission or charge of a local, state or federal crime, past or present, including arrest without limitation (reckless or drunk driving, possession of alcohol or drugs, or incidents involving minors) is grounds for immediate disqualification or dismissal. Full disclosures of any criminal background history is expected and failure to comply will result in disqualifications. Entrants MUST ATTEND ALL SCHEDULED EVENTS, PRACTICES AND REHEARSALS unless given specific written consent from the NEO Homecoming Chair, Dustin Grover. The titles: “NEO Homecoming King/Queen”, “Miss Norse Spirit”, and “Mr. Norse Spirit” are the property of NEO A&M College (Northeastern Oklahoma Agriculture and Mechanical College). Under no circumstance should contestants or Titleholders register any document, email address domain, website forum, registration or other publicly viewed or accessible print, video or other media without complying with the following guidelines: - Include a year designation of at least 2 digits -“” - Use of a year designation with 4 digits – “Miss Norse Spirit 2019” The NEO Homecoming Queen must return to NEO A&M College at the conclusion of his/her year’s reign to crown his/her successor. In the event of a Homecoming King/Queen or Norse Spirit titleholder’s removal, the 1st runner up shall be crowned in replacement . If the runner up cannot fulfill this obligation, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. in turn shall be offered the title. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct and associated eligibility requirements and other NEO A&M College rules may result in immediate exclusion from competition or , if currently a titleholder, the forfeiture of awards and titles. I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct as stated above. I understand that this will be enforced while I am competing and if selected as a Titleholder, these guidelines will remain in effect throughout my reign as I represent NEO A&M College. *
Your attendance at the following events is mandatory if you wish to run for Mr. or Ms. Norse Spirit:
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