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This form is for companies or individuals that are interested in speaking at MedFuse. Please fill out the fields as completely and honestly as possible. Ideally, what you write should be the final form that gets displayed publicly to people viewing the conference website, so please describe yourself and your topic clearly, use spell and grammar checks, etc. Submissions will reviewed by our team and speakers will be notified if they have been accepted via email.

MedFuse is a conference focused on the intersection of connected devices and data within the broad spectrum of medical practice from healthcare to medical devices.
Discussing the intersection of healthcare, medical devices, data and practice fuses together a wide range of professionals and takes a broad, welcoming approach.
We value fast innovation that saves lives and improves health, not directed towards mindless profits but being patient centered and taking healthcare practitioners into account.


PHI and IoMT – Do you have PHI and either way what extra level of security is needed.
The 4 Ps of IoMT – Predictive, Personalized, Preventive and Participatory
4 Keys to get to market faster
Dealing with the Wireless Certification Process.
OS, Security of Things on a Deep, Embedded Level
Strategies for low internet access and high noise, high interference environments
Targeted towards old healthcare facilities with high shielding
Experience Mapping, Looking at Hospitality Market
Use VR On Site
Autonomous Robots Workshop
EKG Monitoring from Home
Non Implantable Modalities of Measurement
Fax as a communication method, fax to IoT
Hospital Control Room Workshop
EHR Readmission Data Workshop
Epic Systems App Building
Healthcare APIs

Care Everywhere
Assisted Living Infrastructure Buildout
IoMT and the Lonliness factor in Seniors
Disruptive Innovation in the IoMT market – are you going to be leapfrogged?
Social Determinants of Health Research
Non-emergency medical transportation
Dealing with the workforce shortage
Quality and Efficiency
Strategic Data Aggregation
Housing, Senior Care, Developing Tools for Older Audience
Mental Health (Within the Healthcare System)
Food Administration
Keeping Out of the Healthcare System
Technology as an Enabler
Health Finance

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