Active Muslim Explorers Program Evaluation and Feedback
1. The program achieved its goals and objectives
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
2. Program content
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Not Applicable
The program has helped me form a better view of my combined Muslim-Kiwi identity
I have seen/benefited from good muslim role models
It has helped me form better friendships with other muslim peers
The sports/recreational activities were well organised and fun
I learnt new skills from the sports/recreational sessions
My islamic knowledge and understanding has improved
My knowledge of Islamic history, the Prophet, and other key historical figures have improved
I have gained/improved my skills in tackling challenging social and emotional situations
3. Has this program helped to improve the relationship between you and your parents?
4. Rank the 3 sessions in order (1 for best/most preferred) that you think were MOST beneficial:
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5. Rank the 3 sessions in order (1 for LEAST preferred) that you think were LEAST beneficial:
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6. Is there another specific topic you would have like to have been included in the program? If Yes, please list the topic.
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7. Do you think the age group selected for the program was:
8. Would you recommend this program to your friends/siblings?
9. Which age group do you belong to?
10. Do you have any additional comments/feedback/suggestions?
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Jazaakallah for taking the time to complete this feedback form. Hope you had a great time at the AMEzing Program!
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