Qualification - Workshop David J Bland
Factuel 2021 – Workshop Testing Business Ideas by David J Bland
May 04 2021, 11am-12pm live on Airmeet (signup at Factuel.ca to access the live event)

The present qualification form allows B2B tech startups to qualify to access the collaborative Mural tool on which David will work during the presentation.

Places are limited !

* Formulaire en anglais car atelier donné en anglais et pour alléger la lecture / Form in English as the workshop will be in English and to shorten the text *
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> Founders of a Startup, Scaleup or Tech SME
> B2B or B2B2C
> Product (Hardware / Software)
> Tech and innovative
> In a process of Go to market
> Ready to test hypotheses with actual or future clients

IF YOU ARE SELECTED, we will send you your exclusive access to the collaborative tool.
You will also be able to invite your cofounders to participate with you.

IF YOU ARE NOT SELECTED, don't worry! You will still have access to the event via Airmeet, simply without access to the collaborative tool.
Building on the best selling Strategyzer books, David J Bland and Alex Osterwalder curated a list of experiments for people who are stuck Testing Business Ideas. They identified three major themes from design thinking and applied them to rapid experimentation. Desirability describes whether or not people want the solution. Viability addresses if you can create a sustainable business with the solution. Feasibility dives into the steps to run the infrastructure.

In this talk, David will describe the principles behind Testing Business Ideas and facilitate an interactive session on sequencing experiments.

Total duration : 60 minutes

30 Minutes
   - Why test your ideas
   - Advanced business model generation
   - Identifying risk with assumptions mapping
   - Discovery vs Validation experiments

15 Minutes
  - Experiment sequencing exercise

15 Minutes
  - Q&A with the attendees
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