ASIA GOLDEN STAR AWARD 2019【Female Entrepreneur Award(Individual)】
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【Terms and Conditions】


Evaluation is carried out by jury of Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation (referred to as the ‘AEEF’) following guidelines to provide a fair and strict evaluation (approx. 15 days). Please note that inquiries on the evaluation results, reasons of being selected or not, are unable to be responded.

Asia・Japan Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (referred to as ‘AEEFJ’) sends below documents to awardees according to the evaluation results:
・Award letter
・Notification letter also as the invoice of entry fees
・Other information letters
Entry fees are due within a week after above-stated documents are received. Please make sure the payment is made to the bank account specified by AEEFJ within the period. (Entry fee: number of awards×680,000JPY plus tax)


As per rules and regulations of AEEF, cancellation or withdrawal of an entry is not accepted. Please fully understand the policy before entering. Furthermore, in the event the awardee declines to receive the award, aforesaid full amount of entry fee must be paid.

■On the day of award ceremony

The awardee 1person are invited to attend the award ceremony (at a hotel in Tokyo) on the scheduled date (December 9, 2019; Monday)
For additional attendees, separate participation fee will apply. (30,000JPY per single ticket)
Please contact the office ahead in case of the absence of the awardee (or the representative). The trophy and award certificate will be posted after the ceremony.

■Providing business opportunities in 18 countries in Asia

The awardees are given the precious opportunity to utilize AEEF and AEEFJ’s network covering 18 Asian countries, with which business expansion and matching may possibly be attained. While offering an opportunity as such, AEEF and AEEFJ do not guarantee it will bring about the awardees’ desired outcome or achievements. Additionally, the awardees are obliged to bear responsibilities for their business expansion as well as any expenses associated with it
Agreement to the terms and conditions
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